Hi, I’m Julie Cao

I am a licensed chiropodist (a foot specialist) practicing in Mississauga and Oakville for the past 5 years. I completed my postgraduate Chiropody program in Toronto at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences in 2015. Prior to that, I received my Bachelor of Science from McMaster University in Hamilton. I currently serve as a board member with the Ontario Society of Chiropodists

I believe that our feet are important because they are the foundation of our bodies. Although the majority of people will see me because they are experiencing some level of foot pain, everyone can benefit from a foot assessment with a chiropodist!

I am passionate about educating and teaching everyone I meet about the importance of foot health, and how they can take better care of their feet.Β I get great joy from providing treatments that help my patients improve their overall foot function, and prevent future issues. If you are currently experiencing any foot discomfort or pain, or perhaps you would like to be proactive by having your feet assessed, please reach out and book an appointment! Your feet are in good hands,

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Proud Member of:

Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine & Ontario Society of Chiropodists
Julie Cao